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Please arrive 15 minutes prior to service start time. If you arrive 10 minutes late, we cannot provide a full service. Call if you are going to arrive late so we can do the best we can for you at (484)725-2029


Please provide 24 hour cancellation notice. We have staff that have fixed appointments with a client waiting list. 

Last minute cancellations will be considered a "late/no show." Online deposits are non refundable and used as cancellation fee if cancelling last minute.

Late/No Shows

We rely on clients to keep track of their own appointments. Please be respectful and be on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late without a call, you will be considered a "late/no show." This means your appointment slot may potentially be forfeited to another client. In addition, your online deposit for the appointment is used as a "no show" fee. All online deposits are non refundable. We do provide text and email reminders.

Gift Certificates
All Gift certificates must be presented at time of service with some form of identification. There are no refunds for gift certificates. Once purchased, the gift certificates have no expiration date. You must call the spa if you'd like to re-gift any certificates. 

COVID Protocols

We are in accordance with current and updated CDC and State guidelines. We greatly appreciate that our clients be symptom-free during their appointment. If you have a fever or symptoms, please reschedule your appointment.


We reserve the right to deny future service to any individual who does not comply with the policies we have in place at our own discretion. 

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